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This page was last updated on: March 18, 2017
Hunting Fees

Black Bear

$2,500 for one of two 3 day hunts during the November season.    

$2,500 for the first 4 day hunt in December.  

$1,500 for the last 3 day hunt of the season in December.

All hunt fees include food, lodging, trophy and meat prep, transportation to/from the field and cold storage for meat/trophy. Also includes two deer per day up to six deer.

There is no "trophy fee".

Limited number of spaces available.

Whitetail Deer 

Archery - $150.00/day per hunter  Max.6 hunters

Blackpowder/Gun $150.00/day per hunter Max. 12 hunters

**We offer a 10% discount on a party of 4 or more paid hunters.  We also offer a 10% active military discount.  ID is Required.  Only 1 discount per person.   Discount on Deer Hunts Only.  

Fee includes field handling and cooler storage of deer.

All Bear & Deer Hunts are stand hunts only!

Tundra Swan

$150.00/day per hunter  - Special permits from the state of NC must be obtained to take a tundra swan.  Permits can be applied for at any  NC Wildlife Licensing Agent.  

**We encourage young hunters.  We do not charge a fee for hunters 10 years old or younger and give a discount for hunters 11 - 15 years old when they are with a paid hunter.  This rate applies to our deer hunts only!

 Turkey, Quail, & Rabbit Hunts - Call for prices

These fees do not include hunting license.  

*Rates subject to change without notice.

Hunting License Cost

Non Resident 10 Day Hunt                             75.00

Non Resident 10 Day Big Game                   100.00

Non Resident Bear Tag                                 225.00

Bear Mgmt E-Stamp                                        10.00

**Call for details or check

We are a NC Wildlife License Agent and checking station.